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Made In Australia

ARX Systems is owned and run by Audio Engineers with over 60 years combined experience in the audio industry. So, because they use the products as well as design them, they understand the needs of Audio Professionals, whether they work in the area of Installation, Sound Reinforcement, Studio or Broadcast.


USB DI - a true USB Plug and Play digital to analog pro audio interface with full transformer balanced outputs to provide full Galvanic isolation to eliminate earth loops / ground hum and other extraneous interaction noise and distortion.

USB - DI                                          

USB DI VC - Just like the USB DI, but with the very useful addition of an Output Volume Control for quick and easy level setting and changing

USB - DI VC (volume control)           

USB DI HP - Just like the USB DI, but with the very useful addition of a Headphone output (both 3.5mm and 6.5mm) with its own Volume Control for quick and easy remote monitoring

USB - DI HP (headphone)                

ARX USB I/O is a true USB Plug and Play digital to analog/analog to digital pro audio interface. It features full transformer balanced Inputs and Outputs, providing the Galvanic isolation required to eliminate earth loops / ground hum and other extraneous interaction noise and distortion.

USB - IO                                          

Portable media Transformer Isolated Active Direct Box. The new i-DI connects all of today's (and tomorrow's) Tablets and Smart Phone devices to the Pro Audio world via a tethered heavy duty mini-jack input cable. Phantom powered with Ground Lift switch


Transformer Isolated Audio Line Tapper

Provides a switchable High or Low level output, for matching the TAP-IT signal level to both Pro + 4dB and Semi Pro –10dB operating levels.

Tap It                                              

The Q Switch is a unique multi way switcher, which can switch 1 stereo input to any of 4 stereo outputs, or switch any of 4 stereo inputs to 1 stereo output

Q Switch                                          

The Amp It Again 2 is a transformer isolated amplifier re-recording box, for re-tracking with multiple or alternate amplifiers.

Amp It Again 2                               

ISO Optimizer A unique transformer isolated Level optimizer.

Transformer Ground isolation provides low-noise operation suitable for any level matching application

ISO Optimizer                                 

A transformer isolated de-coupler, for removing Ground loops and for use in applications where complete Galvanic isolation is required.

ISO Later                                        

A transformer isolated 1 input to 2 outputs splitter for splitting 1 input 2 ways in applications where complete Galvanic isolation is required.

ISO Spiltter                                     

ISO Combiner

A transformer isolated 2 into 1 signal combiner for use in applications where complete Galvanic isolation is required.

ISO Combiner                                 

ISO Balancer

Dual channel Unbalanced to Balanced Low Impedance transformer isolated converter

ISO Balancer                                   

ISO Balancer VC

Dual channel Unbalanced to Balanced Low Impedance transformer isolated converter, plus an Output Volume control on the rear panel

ISO Balancer VC                                   

Unique dual channel De-Balancing (Balanced in, Unbalanced out) transformer isolated converter

Mounted in a heavy duty all steel chassis, and available in Dual Channel format only

ISO De Balancer                             

ISO Switcher

Stereo Input switcher. A front panel push switch silently switches between two pairs of female XLR inputs to a single pair of XLR male output connectors.

Ideal for running DJ and band through the same system.

ISO Switcher                                   


Ultra compact Active Direct box, with normal High Impedance input as well as a separate speaker level input for connection to the back of instrument amplifiers.

Heavy duty all-steel chassis, –20 dB Pad and Audio Ground Lift switches, plus Phantom or DC power options.

Pro DI                                              


Stereo AudioVisual Active Direct box, with dual RCA or stereo mini jack input and dual XLR outputs. Ideal for interfacing computer sound cards with pro sound systems.

Heavy duty all-steel chassis, –20 dB Pad switch, plus Phantom or 12 - 15V DC power options.

AV - DI                                            

The ARX Ear Driver is an ultra compact Headphone monitoring breakout box, allowing you to independently adjust the audio levels of up to 4 sets of headphones. Internally, true Class AB amplifiers drive the headphones, for pristine audio reproduction

Expanded Input Options

As well as Left and Right RCA and 6.5mm/1/4" jack inputs, there is also a stereo Mini jack input, making the unit usable with any portable media player.

Ear Driver Headphone amplifier     

……………….Audibox range………………

Installation Essentials

Signal Processors

ARXs Audioboxrange of compact problem solving products has been a real godsend. Theyre a bit like Swiss

Army knives for audio guys (only theyre blue). The range

including D.I. boxes, splitters, earth lifters and many other useful doo-hickeys. The unit reviewed here is the

new USB D.I. Its claim to fame? It gets the audio from a clients laptop computer into your professional audio system quickly and reliably.If youre in the AV business youll know immediately

that ARX has hit on something here.

Computers are increasingly presentation tools and more often than not the sound needs to be taken from their flimsy mini-jack headphone connectors. This is then plugged into a couple

of D.I. boxes via a (hard to source) mini-jack to 2x1/4-inch adaptor cable; a method thats often fraught with danger – the mini-jack isnt particularly reliable a connector and the

onboard audio quality/conversion is often below par. Most operators can recount tales of disaster where the laptop audio has been intermittent. Its not a good look to see the AV tech interrupting a presentation, armed with

a roll of Gaffa tape and a can of contact cleaner, or worse still, barking instructions to wiggle the plug a bit when the sound gets particularly dodgy! Thats not what we call ‘Pro Audioand the AV tech generally has enough on his or her plate during a conference without this gremlin rearing its ugly head!

Enter the ARX USB D.I. Audiobox. This little blue box plugs straight into a spare USB port on a computer – an action normally instantly recognised by the systems software, which then simply prompts you to select the unit

as the default audio output device.

OSX/Windows generally does this all by itself – its genuinely plug & play, as it were. Confirmation that alls well between the Audiobox and the computer is, at this point, indicated via a bright green glowing status LED.

Nice and simple, just like plugging in a USB stick; no drivers required. The computers audio now comes out via the USB D.I. and is connected to the audio system via XLR mic cables; a setup thats streets ahead of anything involving a mini-jack connector. I can hear the collective sigh of relief from here!


The ARX USB D.I. is constructed using a robust folded sheet metal housing, powder-coated dark blue. The high-quality, gold-plated USB In and XLR Out connectors and the aforementioned status LED are all located at one end of the unit, and all are partially protected by the overhang

of the top of the box – a nice touch. The sides of the D.I. box even have Kensington-style laptop anti-theft security slots; perfect for those unattended installations. I actually used this to cable tie the USB lead to the unit (one less

cable to remember when setting up).

Inside the unit, alongside the D/A brain, are a couple of hefty isolation transformers, which make the audio path clean as a whistle, providing protection against hums and

buzzes that could otherwise be induced into the audio path from external sources. The unit uses quite a few metal screws and plenty of hot melt glue to hold it all together. It looks robust enough and will almost certainly survive the

rigours of the road for years to come. One thing to note is that the ARX USB D.I. is not intended for use with domestic hi-fi equipment and therefore offers no RCA connectors of any kind.


I first fired up the USB D.I. at the AV Partners warehouse on sunny Hamilton Island. The source computer was a low-spec Compaq Armada laptop running Windows XP and Media Player. The D.I. was recognised immediately and provided a clean and clear audio output of a nominal – 10dB level. The user manual recommends turning up the computers mixer level to maximumfor optimal audio quality. As it was, the level was perfect for our purposes

and gave the required drive down a 75-metre multicore into the front end of a Tascam digital console that we were configuring for conference music use. If the unit produced a hot +4dB level there could be issues with cheaper mixer preamps that have a lack of headroom. As it is, theres not much chance of distortion.

Since this initial test Ive used the ARX USB D.I. For six months in a multitude of applications with Mac and Windows desktops and laptop computers, and in all that time, the unit has performed faultlessly.This recent addition to the ARX handy blue gadgets’ line is sure to be well received by AV companies around the world as a great little problem solver. Now if ARX only made a little blue box to sort out a video feed that works on all computers, the life of an AV tech would be a piece of cake

“Audio Technology” magazine Australia


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ARX Update

Melbourne, July 2012.

Middle Eastern heavyweight production company TechnoPro LLC has taken in 30 units of ARX's EQ 260 1/3rd Octave Graphic Equalisers, adding to their already extensive inventory of ARX products.

Recent TechnoPro projects include the 20th Qatar Open Tennis Tournament, 2011 Arab Games and the 2011 Qatar National Day which with more than 446 Meyer Sound Speakers distributed over the 7km Doha Corniche is to date the largest sound system ever used in one single event in the region and representative of the project challenges TechnoPro has chosen ARX products to fulfill.

The Audibox range are an assortment of ultra compact audio solutions. Each unit is housed in a blue powder coated steel box with all the internal components being of the highest standard.

installation essentials

The Audibox range are an assortment of ultra compact audio solutions.

ARX signal processors


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Designed by the ARX Engineering team to fill the market niche for a wireless Active Direct Box interface, the new Blue DI connects all of today's (and tomorrow's) SmartPhones, Tablets and similar devices, to the Balanced Line Level Pro Audio world via Bluetooth.

BLUE (Tooth) - DI