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Download new 2016 product highlights!

New products for 2016…As always Konig & Meyer continue to work hard on finding the perfect solution for keeping our precious instruments and surfaces within reach and off the ground.



Product Highlights

Microphone Stand 26125 made with long and larger-sized tubes.


The robust and tall tubing combination with the slim clutch provide a very tight and secure connection. A full circle anti-vibration rubber damping ring prevents unwanted floor vibration impacting the sound.


Desktop Microphone Stand 23250



The flat and stable foot provides an easy to use, space saving construction. A wide surface area on the back is perfect for labelling. Four rubber feet reduce unwanted noise from reaching the microphone.

Microphone Clamp 85070


High quality plastic/rubber material which holds absolutely securely most popular types of mics with a shaft diameter of 34-40 mm. Its unique construction means the mic can be attached and engaged at the centre so the mic is quick and easy to mount or remove.


A unique clamp with a patented push-button system affords user-friendly height adjustment. The handy clamping lever provides additional stability and a precisely fitted position.


The »Grande« drummer’s throne




The Grande drummer's throne is an all rounder, demonstrating comfort and excellent stability. The tried-and-tested precision height adjustment mechanism with a ratchet knob and clamping lever allows height adjustment at 10 mm intervals.


The »Uplift« piano bench is a new development in piano benches.

Built-in pneumatic springs allow the height of the bench to be adjusted while sitting comfortably. Your preferred sitting position can be found in no time at all with the easy-to-use adjustment handle.

«Mighty Bright Hammer Head«


Hammer Head is battery powered as standard or optionally with an external power supply. Two levels of brightness are selected using the push button.


The Encore delivery includes 3 AAA batteries, an external power supply and a practical carrying bag. Two levels of brightness are selected using the push button.


«Mighty Bright Encore Light«.


The alternative to clothes pegs holding sheet music in place - unobtrusive, virtually invisible and simple to use. This patented sheet music holder resulted from the schools' talent competition "Creative Minds 2011 and rdquo; and was awarded first prize by the jury.


Sheet Music Holder 11590

Thanks to the stand's height, even microphoned clarinets are easy to "park and rdquo;. The stand folds compactly for ease of transport. The sturdy base and large floor protectors make this stand extremely stable.


Clarinet Stand (15227)


The 5-leg base provides maximum stability for the instrument. The detachable metal leg base screws into the peg so that the entire unit may be stored in the bell of the instrument for easy transport. The black plastic peg with felt pads to protect the instrument.


Trumpet Stand (15217)

Tenor Horn Stand 149/2


A tenor or baritone horn is supported safely and securely by this robust support stand. The functional instrument support incorporates a stable metal bracket wrapped in a particularly soft material to protect the instrument body.


Speaker Stand  19500 with an extra flat base.



The footprint of this unique speaker stand is especially flat making it particularly useful when space is restricted. The stable speaker stand is an ideal solution for the ambitious solo entertainer or professional event technician.














Speaker Stand 21463 with an integrated pneumatic spring.




With a lifting power of 25 kg, heavy speakers are lifted up safely and ergonomically - with no stress on one's back!



Guitar Wall Hanger 16220





The holding fork with its stable metal core is seated centrally and provides an elegant counterpoint to the headstock. The appealing cork fork covering protects the guitar from knocks, and will retain its form even after years of use due to wear-resistant properties.



Powder-coated, perforated steel music stand with plastic connecting elements. The music stand rest can be attached and removed using the plastic, user-friendly, quick-release lock.



Using this stand adapter, loud speakers or sound columns can be mounted on speaker stands or wall mounts without the need for an incorporated flange. The mount is suitable for stands with a section diameter of 35 mm. The adapter can be tilted to 30° and adjusted to any height using the clamping screw.


Orchestra Music Stand 11940



Universal Mute Stand 15920



The practical stand for mutes is a great storage option for your mutes during stage appearances or in the rehearsal room. It can store 3 mutes for the trumpet, cornet or flugelhorn. The height of the stand is adjustable and you can change mutes while remaining seated.


Tiltable Stand Adapter 19780

Last but not least – on the market since mid 2011, the iPad2 holders are featured among our latest products:
iPad 2 holder
- iPad 2 stand holder
- iPad 2 wall mount
- iPad 2 table stand

And ALL IPad 2 Holders ARE SUITABLE for the NEW IPAD!
























The »Picco« drummer’s throne features a small footprint, making playing in confined spaces possible.


























Established over 60 years ago in the music branch, our company stands for sophisticated equipment with excellent quality. Our products are distinguished by innovative design, functionality and durability.

As one of the world's leading providers of music stands, microphone and instrument stands, speaker stands, seats and accessories for lighting, sound and studio technology, we constantly are challenged to develop innovative solutions for our customers’ needs and wishes.

About 270 employees in Wertheim, Germany work together to fulfill this promise constantly.

In accordance with our quality standards, almost all metal and plastic items are manufactured in in-house production. Over 1,500 stands and brackets are produced in our two plants in Germany and sold in 80 countries worldwide. Many of our products have already become classics as well as standards in the music industry.

Numerous patents and international trademark rights substantiate König & Meyer’s innovative spirit. The proverbial durability of our products also supports environmental considerations.






Yours sincerely
Gabriela König

The following principles are the basis of our work:

Customer satisfaction and quality
We aim to offer our customers the highest quality products, services and solutions at attractive prices, thereby achieving long-term partnerships. We orientate ourselves around customer requirements, shape our business processes effectively and efficiently and continuously improve our quality.

Responsible handling of our planet’s resources is the basis for successful and sustainable operations and maintaining a livable environment. Environmental aspects are considered in the planning of new products, activities and procedures. Environmental impacts are minimized or avoided at all levels in the plant by continuously improving processes and procedures. Besides cooperation with competent authorities, we inform the public about our environmental activities. We commit ourselves on the one hand to complying with all relevant environmental legislation and on the other hand to reviewing our environmental management system.

Employee satisfaction and work safety
We want our employees to find satisfaction and fulfilment in their work. A performance-based employment and a creative work environment, in which both the diversity and individuality of each person is esteemed, are just as important as safety. The safety and health of employees as well as third parties must be ensured in all working conditions and production processes. Preventing accident and injury, as well as improving health in the work place, is actively promoted.

Market leadership
Markets where we are already represented with meaningful and innovative products and designs are a top priority. We also want to venture into new areas and markets, building on our technologies and expertise. The high reputation of the König & Meyer brand shall be preserved and expanded.




Precision - Made in Germany

"Our total commitment to quality is reflected in our activities at all company levels. New achievements are merely the starting point for something better."


This conviction motivates every individual at König & Meyer, shapes the culture and determines the processes in the company. It is expressed in an uncompromising focus on premium claims: Only a strong brand with a unique service and the best quality satisfies customers over the long term. Since 2007 our quality management is reviewed and certified annually according to the internationally applicable ISO 9001 quality norm.

From development and design to final production König & Meyer offers everything from a single source. In order to achieve durable and reliable quality of our products, we only use precision steel tubes, which are consistent in their dimensions and tolerances. Metal and plastic parts are manufactured in in-house production. For years, we have been developing and building tools and equipment ourselves.

Product responsibility begins with development. With our highly qualified staff, we operate independent research and development. The latest computer technology, short development times and the highest quality standards form the basis for the innovations of tomorrow. The focus is always on benefits for user benefits, sustainability of products and consideration of resource and environmentally friendly production processes.

Through innovative technology, vertical range of manufacture and consistent re-investment in machinery König & Meyer achieves the flexibility to respond quickly and straightforwardly to customer needs and market requirements.



Our hotline

"We know that our customers determine our success. Therefore, in all our actions we always place the customer at the center of attention."


The quality of our products, which has been proven over decades, offers a sound basis for extending our guarantee period. Now we offers you a 5-years warranty.
In addition, we offer you a
10-year guarantee of availability for most spare parts for our products.
In this way we have sent out a clear signal for the König & Meyer brand. We believe that it will make it even easier for our customers to decide in favor of a König & Meyer product.

If the product should become defective within the warranty provisions, please return the product to the dealer where you have purchased it.
Here you get more information about our guarantee.

With these two service benefits, we make a difference for the König & Meyer brand and want to make it even easier for our customers to choose our music accessories.

If you have any questions or concerns we welcome your contacting us personally:




Environmental Protection is important to us

"Resources are too valuable to waste. Resource conservation and environmental protection are firmly anchored in each step of our production."


We prevent waste, save water and energy and reduce emissions wherever possible. We continually review all environmentally relevant processes and develop strategies and measures that can minimize resource consumption and environmental impact.

Environmental protection has been a stated corporate goal of König & Meyer for decades. Our unlimited commitment to quality and environment in the production process translates into the most effective use of raw materials, conservation of energy, greater use of renewable energies, recycling of parts and products at the end of their life, avoidance of pollutants in production, reduction of CO2 emissions, reduction of water consumption and treatment of waste water used in the production process to produce potable quality. Since 1979 we have reduced our water consumption by 94 percent.

König & Meyer has been certified according to the recognized
ISO 14001 standard since 2000 and the EU EMAS regulation since 1998. Both were awarded for effective and responsible environmental protection.

We were also awarded the Environmental Prize of Baden-Württemberg for our outstanding achievements in promoting environmental protection and for our environment-based management.



Stands For Music - Since 1949

"Our philosophy is to manufacture high quality and durable products in an environmentally friendly manner, so that musicians worldwide can concentrate on what’s essential — their music."




26125-300-55_microphone_stand.pdf 23250-300-55_design_microphone_table_stand.pdf 85070-500-55_microphone_clip.pdf picco_drum_throne.pdf picco_drum_throne.pdf Grande.pdf Grande.pdf lift_piano_bench.pdf lift_piano_bench.pdf hammer_head.pdf hammer_head.pdf encore_light.pdf encore_light.pdf 11590-000-55_sheet_music_holder.pdf 11590-000-55_sheet_music_holder.pdf 15227-000-55_clarinet_stand.pdf 15227-000-55_clarinet_stand.pdf 15217-000-55_trumpet_stand.pdf 15217-000-55_trumpet_stand.pdf 14920-012-55_tenor_horn_stand.pdf 14920-012-55_tenor_horn_stand.pdf 19500-011-55_speaker_stand.pdf 19500-011-55_speaker_stand.pdf 21463-000-55_speaker_stand_with_pneumatic_spring.pdf 21463-000-55_speaker_stand_with_pneumatic_spring.pdf 16220-000-95_guitar_wall_mount.pdf 16220-000-95_guitar_wall_mount.pdf 11940-000-55_orchestra_music_stand.pdf 11940-000-55_orchestra_music_stand.pdf 15920-000-55_universal_stand_for_mutes.pdf 15920-000-55_universal_stand_for_mutes.pdf 19780-000-55_inclinable_stand_adapter.pdf 19712-300-55_ipad_stand_holder.pdf 19722-000-55_ipad_holder.pdf 19750-000-55_ipad_table_stand.pdf 19730-000-55_ipad_wall_mount.pdf

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