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                        Since 1987 and fascinated by the                     possibility of solving complex cable                 interconnection problems, Links intent           was to establish a team of specialists and a        range of products specifically engineered to    meet the demands of the market.   

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With regards to speaker array connections, two particular connectors and cables have been developed to satisfy the needs of new equipment requiring the connection of an increasing number of different types of channels in one sole connector mating.

LKA 24/6 utilized with eurocable SPKAL 12/3 U2A2 can convey power (3x4mm sq), 2 AES/EBU audio channels and 2 CAT6 ethernet in one sole connection, and has been purposely manufactured for the

transport of all necessary signals to the JBL Self Powered Line Array.

LKA 48/6 was designed to connect the speaker clusters utilizing the least possible number of cables, precisely one sole 24 speaker lines cable for a total of 48 single-

pole cables each with a 4 mm sq section. Additionally, there was a need to have 2 AES/EBU channels for laser pointing and inclinometer control. LKA 48/6 features a

mesh cable gland as standard.

Multisignal Speaker      


12/3 U2A2

with 24/6 connector

can convey all necessary signals

to the JBL Self Powered Line Array.


with 48/6 connector allows the connection

of the speaker clusters utilizing the least possible number of cables.

Easy and error-free mating

Audible snap in quick bayonet lock

Excellent resistance against unlocking

Guaranteed for over 2000 couplings

Waterproof up to 10 m (33 ft) for 12 hours

Skin top (24/6) and mesh cable gland (48/6)

Highly resistant black finishing

Roller studs for easier coupling

High resistance to shock and vibrations

The company’s challenge in recent years has been the creation of solutions for the distribution of different types of signals to satisfy those specific needs which new equipment or customer applications require.

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