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Download the prolinx custom cable ordering guide

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Step. 1.

Contact TRC and request a quote on a custom made cable system.

In the following steps we will work with you to ensure you have the right cable configuration in mind  

We’re after a quote on a 32ch Multicore (24/8)
50m long, hardwired to stagebox.

Also, an optional quote for the above system with
a Multipin at the Stagebox, it’s for on-road use so
we need a good strong & flexible on-road cable

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Speakons & Multipins

Speaker cables

Video cables

Instrument cables

Ethernet cables

Mini Jacks

Impedance matching & isolation transformers

Modular & Cable Adaptors

Cable Reels

Multi cores & Stage Boxes

Labelling & Identifying

Our Prolinx cable systems have been shipped throughout Australia to all over the world and installed in everything from concert arenas, commercial venues, submarines, sporting stadiums, universities, office complexes, houses of worship to good old Pub PA systems.

Prolinx cables are made in Melbourne Victoria and are constructed from the highest quality components carefully selected from the leading manufactures of Cable & Connectors in the world today.   

Our attention to detail is what makes the difference, Prolinx systems are not made in any sort of production line, each order is handled totally independent of any other and with all the components tested and selected to be the best for what is required on each job.  

How to order Prolinx Custom Cable

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